1994.12   Established Sam Hoi Industries as a manufacturing company for control sensors.

1995. 5   The development of magnetic level gauge for high pressure and temperature.

1996. 7   Conversion to corporation, established Sam Hoi Industrial Co., Ltd .

1998. 2   International trading permission.

1998. 7  The development of explosion-proof control box.

2000. 1   Move headquarters factory to Gimhae city from Busan.

2000. 6   Acquired ISO 9001

2001.10  The development of CCTV system for high temperature furnace.

2002.10  The development of industrial endoscope camera(EEC-2000)

2007. 6   Patent registration of an intelligent type high capacity charger.

2007.10  Selected as the superior quality innovation company by Korean government.

2009. 1  Opened Research & Development center.

2011. 3  Registered as a vendor for Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).

2013. 4  Patent registration of a contactless type torsion detector and an electricity motor

             bicycle controlling additional power flexibly according to the necessary power.

2014. 6  Move headquarters factory to current new building for increased production. 

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